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Shanghai to build “Zero Release” Building

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(China Glass Network)Shanghai is to build “zero release” buildings and reduce carbon emission as an experimental unit. Moreover, over 10 million square meters of green building area will be built by 2015, according to news release from shanghai.


It is learned that Shanghai will carry out a higher architectural energy-saving standard during “12th Five-year Plan”. The new residential architecture should use 65% of energy conservation design standard, while for the new public building, on the basis of carrying out 50% of energy-saving design standard to push forward the use 65% of energy-saving design standard. Meanwhile, Shanghai will encourage new buildings to use solar-thermal building integration technical system; it asks buildings of 6 storeys and below to use solar system and encourages buildings of 7 stories and above to use solar system. It plans to achieve the accumulative solar thermal collection area of 600,000 square meters by 2015, in addition, it will pilot projects of “zero release” buildings in Shanghai.

Source: glassinchinaAuthor: shangyi

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