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New iMacs expected to use anti-reflective glass

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Depending on where you intend to use a laptop or desktop PC, a glass front display could turn you off some devices. The reflections caused and mirror-like effect of such displays can range from frustrating distraction to unsuable screen in some situations.

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The current generation iMacs use a glass front display, but Apple looks like it is going to respond to complaints/remove the potential issue of a lack of usability for the desktop machine with the next refresh. G-Tech Optoelectronics, which supplies cover glass for both Apple gadgets and PCs, has said it is preparing to supply “AR glass solutions” for Apple’s all-in-one machines.


AR stands for anti-reflective, meaning Apple has come up with a new solution for retaining a glass-front, but removing the highly-reflective nature of a sheet of glass. It should result in an iMac that has a much higher usability rate in more lighting conditions without affecting the overall look of the machine. That in turn could lead to better reviews and feedback from users.


MacBook Pro owners suffer a similar frustration due to the glass front displays the laptops carry, but at least Apple offers a matte display as an option at time of purchase. With the Pro line also expected to get a refresh soon, it makes sense that they would carry the anti-reflective glass front, too. That is unless it comes with a feature undesirable for a laptop, e.g. it is heavier or significantly thicker than a typical glass front. With this being Apple though, I doubt they would opt for thicker and heavier components.


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