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China Becomes Global Leading Fiberglass Exporting Power

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(China Glass Network) The development speed of domestic glass fiber industry is far higher than the average level in the world. Glass fiber production accounted for 54% of the global output in 2010, increasing 44% than that in 2000. China becomes global leading fiberglass production and exporting country.


The exporting proportion of fiberglass was 70% in 2007. But it was only 38% in 2000. Influenced by financial crisis in 2008, exporting rate decreased. Then the state increased infrastructure investment to pull domestic demand for fiberglass. At present, domestic sale and export sale occupy half respectively. In addition, foreign fiberglass products industry shifts to our country, indirectly declining our exporting proportion.


The products mainly are exported to Europe and America. The consumption ratio in emerging markets rises. Judging from exported countries and regions, United States, Middle East and Europe were the major consuming areas before the financial crisis (2008). After the financial crisis, the exporting proportion to America rose further. The consumption in Middle East decreases obviously. And the situation in Europe is relatively stable. But some emerging countries, such as South Korea, India and Brazil, increase demand. Our exporting ratio of fiberglass rises. 

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