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Establish Glass Bottles Recycling System Urgently

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(China Glass Network) Vinegar cruet, soy cruet and other spice bottles are often thrown into dustbin. Nantong Garbage Disposal Center released that they can pick out glass bottles of above 1400 tons.


Glass production industry needs to consume large resource. Producing one ton of glass consumes about 1.1 tons of raw materials, 140 liters of heavy oil or other energy. So glass recycling has important significance.


Developed countries valued waste glass recycling as one important work. In Germany, if you buy products canned glass bottles, whose prices don’t include glass bottles and jars, you shall throw these bottles into specified glass recycling bins. Moreover, you shall throw them into corresponding glass recycling bins depending on colors of glass bottles. At present, the average level of waste glass recycling is about 50%.


Therefore, our country needs to establish and perfect glass bottles recycling system urgently. Government shall formulate some policies to encourage enterprises to recycle glass bottles, set recycling bins in communities or supermarket. The public shall cooperate to complete glass bottle recycling work.

Source: glassinchinaAuthor: shangyi

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