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How does Hengda become the “World-class Enterprise”?

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(China Glass Network) There will be a world class glass enterprise in Qingdao city in near future.

From the old city district to the Hongshiya Development zone, Qingdao Hengda Glass Group established in 20 years ago. Although the processing glass and equipments created many “No. 1” in Qingdao city, owning the only one technical center in the city; top ten innovation brand of glass industry; however, it was little known by other industries in the manufacturing city.

In fact, it has the potential feature to become the world class enterprise based on flat vacuum glass technology.

In 2006, Hengda got the approval to build the first vacuum glass industry line by the central financial assistance. And now, this project had successfully passed the overall inspection and made 400000 square meters’ flat vacuum glass. It became the first enterprise in China and second in the vacuum glass marketing share in the world.

How to achieve?

First is to build world vacuum glass industry standard. In this field, Hengda is not the pioneer. In the end of last century, one Japanese company firstly developed industrial vacuum glass. But, it knew the value of this product firstly and continuously to invest largely to research and develop; ultimately, it occupied the high ground and made the high-tech product with independent intellectual property rights.

In ten years, Hengda Group invested almost 40 miilion Yuan in R&D. It cooperated with China Building Materials Academy, Nanjing University, etc to research the flat vacuum glass. In 2010, “Development and Application of Low consumption glass outside window system” and ”Key technology on Large-scale of Vacuum glass” was given support by national technology.

Support of International Glass Giant

In 2004, Hengda attened the Glastec in Dusseldorf. After seeing the latest product,  Saint- Gobain Corporation (No. Third in world glass industry) and U.S. Jia Dian(No. Forth in world glass industry) held out “olive branch” to Hengda.

Mr. Liu Chengwei said, “the processing glass like tempered glass, laminated glass, hollow glass was developed by western countries, applied in large scale and then brought into China. Flat glass is not. Currently, there are China and Japan who could do mass production; other countries are in the testing period.”

Enhance Qingdao glass technology brand

An expert said, vacuum glass has wide market trend in energy-saving field.

Hengda does not stop the research and development in vacuum glass. Now, Hengda Group had developed the photovoltaic vacuum glass with tri-function of generation,  energy-saving, and denoise. In our development zone, there are two advanced  float glass lines, Qingdao Float Glass (Taiwan Glass), French Saint-Gobain Hanluo Glass Hengda. Hengda will enhance the technology and brand of Qingdao glass industry by international leading vacuum glass technology and equipments.

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