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Safelite Announces New Windshield Recycling Program

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Safelite Auto Glass announced, over the weekend, the beginning of a new wide-scale windshield recycling program for the company.Safelite expects the program to save 12-15 million tons of material.

Windshield recycling is a natural progression in our efforts to be an environmentally sustainable company, as part of our corporate responsibility standards,” says Safelite spokesperson Melina Metzger. “We actually began negotiating the terms of our contract with our recycling partner back in September 2010. While we hit some roadblocks initially in implementing the program, we are happy to be moving forward.”

Safelite plans to have an expanding roll-out of the program starting on the East Coast.

“Our Braselton Distribution Center was the first to begin the collection process in December 2011,” says Metzger. “So far, we’ve rolled it out to 42 percent of our East Coast markets—beginning with markets closest to the recycling plant and expanding outward every week.”
Safelite will be collecting old windshields and shipping to a recycling plant via existing freight lanes. In addition, the company is recycling wooden pallets used in glass distribution and using as mulch. The pallet nails are also being captured and sold as a low-end recycled metal. 

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