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New built-in solar photovoltaic louver hollow glass appears

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The utility model refers to the solar photovoltaic hollow glass, which belongs to the integrated technology field of photovoltaic architecture. The aim is to add new features to the existing technology, so as to meet the need of the modern architecture with large building materials and architectural aesthetics. It is characterized by installing solar cell bar 8, cut by large-area film cell, into the conductive shrapnel clip 7 of 6 b trough in the conductive shaft 6, and then through the transmission wheel 14 turning component 9 or rack 23 of gear 24 so as to run automatically or manually in the fixed device. Its positive impacts are to generate electricity, to be built-in to shade sunlight, and to regulate light transmission rate. The new product is a green product for achieving the ideal of energy-saving society.

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