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Fuyao Glass: adjustment of the market will not change the long-term growth of its value

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Fuyao Glass is the largest automotive glass manufacturer in China, and also the world's sixth-largest automotive glass manufacturer. Now the company accounts for about 40 percent of the domestic automotive glass market share and about 3 percent of the world's automotive glass market share. The company has many years of cooperation with major domestic car manufacturers. As the production bases in Guangzhou and Beijing were completed at the end of 2007, the company’s production capacity will not only be doubled to about 12 million sets, but also expand to the upper sheet glass. Moreover, the company has established automotive float glass in Shuangliao and Fuqing, and expects to reach more than 70 percent self-supplying proportion of automotive glass in 2007. The company has basically completed the integration of upstream and downstream products. 

All in all, it’s difficult for the domestic and foreign competitors to shake the company’s relative monopolistic status in the domestic market. China's auto market is expected to achieve 20-30 percent of compound growth rate in future, and Fuyao Glass will fully enjoy the growth of domestic auto industry. At the same time, Fuyao products have reached the international level, and passed the most stringent auto spare parts certification system. With obviously competitive advantage of high cost-performance, costing about 20 percent less than international competitors, the company has become the supplier of Audi, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Australia Holden, Suzuki and Mitsubishi. In the next three years, the international OEM export growth is expected to maintain over 100 per cent, even to accelerate the expansion. The company is expected to gradually occupy the market share of international competitors, and become another representative of the rising manufacturing sector of China.

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