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A broad prospect of glass machinery industry

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In recent years, new lines and technical innovation projects of China's glass industry are on the rise and enterprises accelerate their pace of transition, which will promote the development of domestic glass machinery market.

A market research of glass machinery shows that from 2001 China glass machinery annually increases at the rate of 10% and in the next five years from 2004, there will be an annual average of 5 ~ 10 large and medium-sized float glass production lines to expand. This will greatly promote glass mechanical needs. Accordingly, industrial experts estimate that by 2010, China's demand for glass machinery market will exceed 10,000 tons, among which glass processing machinery market demand will increase steadily at the average rate of 14.79%.

In order to promote the development of glass machinery industry, Machinery and Equipment Committee of China's Architectural Glass and Industrial Glass Association released and implemented "Glass Mechanical Standards" in 2007, further promoting the sustained and stable development of China's glass machinery industry and enhancing the standardization and international competitiveness of China's glass machinery and equipment.

In the 21st century, China's glass industry calls for higher standard of high-grade float glass and the safety, energy conservation, environmental protection, fire prevention and decoration of glass. The glass processing market is also gradually developing. In addition, the construction of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be greatly increase the demand of glass processing market. All these reasons will greatly promote the development of China glass processing machinery market.

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