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Building raised in Beijing

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Picture this: a breathable glass curtain wall, 10 years of fast-growing forest floor, elevating desks, and environmental dust control. Recently, Nokia China 's new headquarters in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone dressed up in "green" to create an energy-saving and environment-friendly image for its public debut, according to Beijing Daily.

Together with the appearance of the new headquarters is its honorary acceptance of the "Green Building" (LEED) Gold Award, given by the United States Green Building Association (USGBC). Prior to this, our country has never won such an award for new commercial buildings.

The Nokia China headquarters is the first "green building" in China. "A major feature of this building is that 77% of its lighting uses natural light," a staff of the Nokia Corporation said. Walking into an office in the building, a "green" philosophy is demonstrated everywhere in decor and furniture. Smoking is prohibited in the entire building to ensure that all office environments do not contain air pollution. Even indoor plants are carefully selected for their water-saving features, and their ability to survive on little water. Compared with ordinary commercial buildings, this building will achieve 20% energy-savings and 37% water-savings.

As Beijing's largest industrial base, the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone has a strict energy emission reduction targets "assessment" for every enterprise to settle in Yizhuang. "Less pollution, less emissions, low energy consumption, conserves space, less water consumption, high-tech and high value-added is the 'green threshold' set up for enterprises to settle investments in the Beijing Development Zone," an official there said. Currently, every project in the zone can be vetoed over the environmental issue. Projects which do not meet environmental protection requirements will not be allowed in the zone.

Source: People's Daily OnlineAuthor: admin

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