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Linyi: Waste glass bottles "feed" the whole village

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Recently, the reporter visited the fiberglass-processing village, Weijia Village in Linyi County of Shandong. In the large fiberglass textile factory of Wang Yuwen, the reporter saw more than 60 women orderly operating more than 120 looms. Wang Yuwen gladly introduced that there was 120 workers in the factory, each earning the monthly income of around 1,000 Yuan.
Waste glass products are difficult to decomposition when discarded, not only polluting the environment but also a waste of resources. Therefore, the village has brought in equipment for waste glass, separated discarded bottle cullet, then sent to the melting workshop, melted the cullet at high temperature to flowing liquid, and at last made the liquid into glass fiber wire, only the thickness of one eighth of a hair. These fiber wires then are sent to the weaving workshop, processed by looms, and turned into glass fiber cloth.

At present, enterprises processing glass fiber cloth by waste glass products in the village have grown to 12, recycling 70,000 tons of waste glass each year, weaving fiber cloth over 40,000 tons, with an annual output value of over 60 million Yuan. Li Guangliang, the secretary of the Party Branch, said: "The processing of glass fiber cloth creates an annual income over 50,000 Yuan for each family."

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