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Luoyang Glass Group made great efforts to launch a "Saving Cup" contest

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A few days ago, Luoyang Glass Group put forth a guidance to carry out a laboring contest of "Saving Cup", and urged all department to further stimulate the potential, save energy sources, make innovations to improve efficiency, effectively improve the enterprise's core competitiveness, and strive to accomplish the objectives and tasks of the company.

The guidance pointed out that the contest should focus on the yearly principles and objectives, improve full awareness of energy-saving to center on enhancing the efficiency of resource use and work efficiency and stress resource, production and office conservation. Through organizing activities such as "establish conservation-oriented units" and "contribute to energy conservation, strive to be conservation experts", the company actively promotes effective ways of energy conservation and emission reduction, raise staff’s awareness of conservation, and encourage the vast majority of workers to do contributions to energy conservation.

The guidance emphasized that all units should do well in publicizing energy conservation through various forms of education activities to guide the majority of employees understand the grim situation the company has confronted with, clear the importance of the "Saving Cup" contest, so that the company forms a strong conservation atmosphere.

After the contest, Luoyang Glass will select and reward five "conservation-oriented units" 1,000 Yuan each, ten outstanding conservation projects 500 Yuan each and ten "conservation experts" 300 Yuan each.

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