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Welcome to the 7th ICCG (International Conference on Coatings on Glass & Plastics)

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Following the last six successful ICCG conferences (International Conference on Coatings on Glass & Plastics), the 7th ICCG will be held in June 2008 in Eindhoven/Veldhoven, The Netherlands. The ICCG International Organizing Committee and the local organizer, TNO Science & Industry, wish that this conference will create an opportunity to bring together scientists, technologists, practitioners, and managers from universities, institutes, coating manufacturers, materials and equipment suppliers, and user industries to discuss the latest developments in the field of coatings on glass and plastics.

The application of coatings on glass and plastic is an area which has become extremely important for large area and/or high-volume products. Although the ICCG started by focusing on glass substrates, considering the importance of coated plastic as alternative products to coated glass, the name of the conference has been changed to the “International Conference on Coatings on Glass and Plastics” with the same abbreviation “ICCG” since the 6th conference, and increasing involvement of the “Coatings on Plastics” community is expected.

The conference structure is very similar to the previous conferences. Prior to the conference on Sunday afternoon, several educational lectures will be given by experts in the field to provide fundamental and technological background in specific conference topics. In the morning of the first day of the conference, there will be an introductory session to provide market and business information and to clarify future technical requirements. Topics in the following technical sessions will include all steps and techniques necessary to realize a final coated product, to control the coating process and to characterise the product. Specific applications, and new markets and trends are another focus of the conference. The conference also provides information on the different technologies at a general level for new product designers, as well as technical aspects, safety measures, and environmental and economic consequences. There will also be a panel discussion [Talk in the Monastery] on “Converting solar power into electricity. What will the future look like?” considering the recent significant growth of the solar cell market and the serious environmental & energy problems.

Besides the stimulating technological and scientific program, we hope that the conference site itself will be very interesting for the participants, since the conference centre, hotel, and leisure facilities are all in one building, creating many opportunities for discussions and developing contacts within the international glass and plastic coatings community.

We look forward to seeing you in Eindhoven/Veldhoven in 2008!

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