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Innovation let "IRICO" to achieve the target of energy saving

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IRICO Group once consumed 70 percent of energy for the electronics industry in Shanxi province, but now just two years, IRICO Group has overfulfilled the energy-saving goal of "the 11th Five-Year Plan". So how this big ship adjusts its direction?

There is a glass-melting furnace in IRICO Group Glass Factory for melting down the raw materials of glass frame of TV sets. After two years of technological innovation, now the rate of using waste glass has been promoted fourfold higher than that of the former. It not only greatly reduces the discharge of glass cullet, while also reduces energy consumption.

An energy manager of the glass factory said that it could reduce the consumption of natural gas 280 cubic meters per hour. After estimation, we annually reduce costs of around 4.3 million Yuan for the company.

Now 80 percent of waste glass in China each year has been recycled by IRICO Group. If technological innovation is presenting in these key production processes to reduce energy consumption, the establishment of energy-saving concept creates ubiquitous benefits for the company.

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