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Pilkington sell last of glass business to Phoenix Optical Glass

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PILKINGTON Special Glass has sold the last of its remaining business operations at St Asaph to a local company.

Ten people from Pilkington’s Optical Disc business have transferred to Phoenix Optical Glass which is located nearby on St Asaph Business Park.

The disc business makes high precision glass discs used as masters for DVDs and CDs.

Phoenix founder and managing director Tony Palframan said the acquisition of the business from Pilkington would help his company expand its operations in other areas.

He said he would continue the existing work of the disc business, although he did not see any “longevity” in that business.

However, the transfer of skilled people and machinery from Pilkington’s was more important to the development of Phoenix as the equipment could be integrated into the company’s existing operations and used to make, for example, parts for helicopters.

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