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New Model Series StrainMatic® M4

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The new StrainMatic® M4 has been specially developed for the optical industry. In comparison with StrainMatic® M2 and M3, the M4 type offers a higher measuring accuracy and parallel light paths over the whole measuring area.

The first StainMatic® M4/300 with a measuring field size of 240 x 180 mm2 has made possible the fast and exact examination of stress in large sized optical raw glass at SCHOTT AG, Advanced Optics in Mainz, Germany.

The equipment works according to the photoelastic principle: Linear polarized light is non-destructively conducted through the object and the alteration of the polarization angle is measured automatically. A large telecentric lens captures the internal stress distribution from the center to the border uniformly.

The instrument realizes a lateral resolution of less than 1 mm, enabling a fast and two-dimensional measurement of the stress birefringence in large specimens. The result is displayed graphically color-coded which enables a quick overview of the residual stress distribution and makes a detailed analysis possible.

Another model of the M4 series, the StrainMatic®M4/50 Inline with 40 x 30 mm2 measuring field size is available in the market since December 2007. Ist modular and robust design allows its easy integration into existing production and testing lines.

A typical application is a continuous process control in production of tube glass and pharmaceutical packages. Besides the Inline variant a laboratory version with a closed housing is also available.

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