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CTS and Digital Workflow 2008

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CTS and Digital Workflow 2008 is a two day dual German/English language conference which will provide glass printers and decorators with the latest advanced technologies for computer-to-screen applications and achieving a better digital workflow.

CTS imaging systems have allowed printers to vastly increase screen production and increase quality at reduced costs. Other advantages include repeat jobs being made easier and decreasing exposure time. But there is still much to consider and evaluate for first time investors and those looking to upgrade their present CTS system.

CTS and Digital Workflow 2008 is the leading supplier of technology information in this developing and expanding sector. Delegates from throughout the world will be given an insight into the systems available, the screen and stencil considerations and the in-house requirements. Industry experts will provide printers, managers, owners, designers, print buyers and suppliers with answers to the following questions and more:

  •  How do I benefit from CTS?
  •  What’s the payback time?
  •  Do I need to change my existing system?
  •  Inkjet, wax, laser LED?
  •  Is it faster to get a print job done than with my present system?
  •  What guarantees do I have that my investment will be sound?
  •  Do I need to employ more people?
  •  Can I reuse the screens?
  •  What training support can a supplier give me?
  •  What if it goes wrong?

The event will be staged in Neuss, Germany from 4-5 November 2008 in the easily accessible Swissotel Hotel, located conveniently close to the well connected Düsseldorf Airport. Special room rates have been negotiated and an evening dinner reception at the hotel will offer an excellent networking opportunity.

The 2008 conference will grow from the inaugural CTS event staged in February 2007 and will also cover digital work flow specifically for screen printing and CTS. The 2007 event exceeded the expectations of delegates and exhibitors who were keen to see a follow-up event. David Zamith, an attendee, commented: “For us it was good value… the forum was excellent as total, almost all the CTS producers could talk about their position, technology and approach. We use different CTS technologies and we also have completely different dimensions and industrial segments. It was also excellent in terms of dialogue between the subjects as well as between members and also the Table Top room was an excellent idea”


To ensure that presentations are impartial and offer the latest reliable information, presenters will not only be suppliers to the industry but also printers using the technology. Suggestions from 2007 attendees have also been acted upon, and this year’s conference programme will include more coverage on all aspects supporting and using CTS. At the time of going to press, the programme will include specific presentations covering:

Process Calibration & Characterisation
Stencil and RIP calibration
CMYK Profiling - matching colours between printing systems

Process & Quality Control
Choosing the right chemicals for the right CTS system
Choosing the right fabric, frame and squeegee
Standardising the production environment

Applications for CTS Technology
PCB, Photovoltaic

Financial Benefits and Costs
CTS saves - consumables and time
ROI and TCO of CTS systems

Screen vs. Digital
Can Screen and Digital coexist
What can CTS do to my screen printing process to make it more efficient
Raster technologies

HSEP Issues
Chemical free process benefits
Recommendations for laser and UV light exposure

Case Studies
The same job on screen and digital - how can they match
Using CTS for large screens - a user experience

To ensure that the event appeals to both the domestic German market and an international audience, all presentations will be simultaneously presented in English and German languages. Programme is subject to change. For latest updates, visit the website.


The conference will be accompanied by an exhibition of specialist suppliers of:

  •  CTS machinery
  •  Photo emulsions
  •  Mesh
  •  Inks
  •  Dataflow software


Delegates registering before the 4 July 2008 will qualify for the ‘early bird’ reduced delegate fee of only €395. Applications after this time will be invoiced for the normal fee of €495. Registration includes access to the keynote presentations, technical papers, exhibition access, refreshments, dinner and lunch.

Delegates can complete their registration online at the website or by emailing info@specialistprinting.com

Organisers of CTS and Digital Work Flow 2008:

ESMA is an Association of European Manufacturers of machinery and consumables for the specialist printing industry, including screen, digital and pad printing processes. www.esma.com

Chameleon Business Media is a dynamic provider of global solutions in business to business media. www.cbm-ltd.com

Web: www.ctsforum.org
Tel: + 44 (0) 1342 871224
Fax: + 44 (0) 1342 871225

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