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EControl - switchable glass for your lifestyle

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Attic, large open spaces, glazed on all sides: Anybody, who is living in a penthouse, enjoys light and often magnificent views in all directions of the sky. For exclusive living being possible in all year cosy climate, the glazing must provide effective insulation - otherwise threatens thermal heat loss and a drafty living climate. In addition, overheating protection is needed in summer, otherwise the rooms heat up through the solar energy input like a greenhouse. The multifunctional hi­tech solution provides the elektrochrome solar control glazing EControl: Each individual glass is individually dimable - or even the whole facade. The light and heat input is adjustable for every corner of the penthouse according to need and weather conditions.At the highest level, 90 percent of the warming rays of the Sun remain outside - without external shading. This reduces air conditioning costs, protects the environment and the unobstructed view to the outside world is preserved. It insulates as triple thermal insulation glass with a UG-value of up to 0.5 W/(m2K) also almost as good as a solid wall.Comfortable is the fine adjustment of the dim levels of the modern control unit "EC comfort" with touch panel. An external light sensor registers that the solar radiation exceeds a preset limit, thus the control dims the glass automatically. This is interesting for owners of exclusive apartments with a high glass portion, because it guarantees the optimum light transmission without overheating - at any time also if the owner even outside the home. The air conditioning costs remain low. Gloomy days on the other hand, where the solar energy input is not worth mentioning, or when the sun is not directly shining in due to daytime, the glass on highest transparency remains light: then the light enters freely into the room. Connected to intelligent network technology, in addition not only the glazing is adjustable via the touch panel, but also heating, air conditioning, lighting, alarm systems, and much more.How does the dimming works?The dimmable solar control glazing EControl consists of a "sandwich" disk with internal nano-structured coating. A low voltage is applied (3 volts), the coating turns blue noiselessly by the electrochromic effect. Almost 90 percent of the warming rays of the sun are shielded with maximum dim level and overheating of the rooms is prohibited. A reverse of the current direction reverses the process: the glass gets brighter again. Thus daylight and warm sunshine get back into the room - whether summer or winter, the energy transmittance is tuned to weather and individual wishes of comfort. Thus, because current flows only during coloring or decolorization, energy consumption remains minimal. 24.08.2012, EControl-Glas GmbH & Co. KG

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