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Shahe Glass Technology Research Institute Declared National Project

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Industrialization and informatization Department replied industrial transformation and upgrading of public service platform projects on 2012. There are 34 enterprises’ declared projects approved the judgment, Shahe glass technology institute’s glass and new products and technology, research and development and testing platform projects is on list..The Shahe glass technology institute was build up by Shahe government and Wuhan University of Technology, aimed to research the glass appliance and technology transformation. The institute consists of research and development of new product and technology, industrial design, product testing, achievements transformation, analog simulation platform and it also provides technical advice, results transferring, and defects diagnosis services for the local glass enterprise.It successfully invented high aluminum ultra-thin float glass, high-level Insulation foam glass, and other high-end glass products. From the establishment to now, it has provided 800 technical advice services, and successfully solved 500 technical problems and all their effort made a great improvement on the glass quality. In addition, they also helped the Shahe city import the low-e coated technology, and PV production line and thin film solar cell production lines. 08.08.2012, Shahe Glass/glassinchina.com

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