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Equipment enables to laminate glass using all the types of PVB, EVA and ionomers interlayer. It is specifically designed for cut to size/miscellaneous production and to laminate tempered\ toughened glass. Glass is loaded horizontally into the kiln with the help of specific trays, equipped with silicone blanket to enable vacuum process. Trays are loaded into the kiln using specific racks and scissor lift. Combining the kiln with pre-lamination equipments (pre nip roller press and heating furnaces), vacuum is not needed and cycle time is faster; besides glass handling is much easier.Complete entry level laminating glass production line can be customized according to customer’s needs, including horizontal washer, assembling conveyors, handling solutions, PVB/EVA unwinding and cutting system, nip roller and pre-lamination equipments, tilting tables, climatic room.Highlights Low pressure autoclave arranged for standard PVB type (interleaved or refrigerated) / EVA / SENTRY GLAS ® with the same quality results of the finished product as using an high pressure autoclave Max working size is 2200x3600 mm Optimum ratio output - energy consumption - investment Working process is perfectly the same as the standard high pressure laminating autoclave (12-13 bar), through heating, holding and cooling phase into a pressurized chamber, but with lower pressure Specific fan and forced air convection system ensures uniform temperature during the whole cycle. Fast cooling via evaporating water tower is designed for processing ionomers interlayer. 26.09.2012, Lisec Maschinenbau GmbH\lisec.com

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