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Nano will replace the car wash: a highly developed protection against pollution

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Dutch experts have created a cover for a car that not only recovers from scratch, but also allows the machine to be safe in any weather. Highly water-resistant layer causes water droplets to roll with the dust and dirt, leaving a radiant surface.Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry of the Eindhoven University of Technology Catherine Estevez and her colleagues announced that a miracle coating consists of nano-sized molecules, as well as additional items that look like small "stems."Until now, the problem of water-repellent paint nanotechnology remains of their fragility, as any damage to irreversibly destroy the unique properties of the material. The new design also has the ability to recover from minor scratches due to the fact that the outer layer is damaged is replaced with the additional elements included in the coating.Experts believe that in addition to coverage for vehicles (including glass) technology can be used in mobile phones, solar panels and contact lenses. In addition, this coating will prevent the accumulation of algae on the hulls of ships and aircraft to increase fuel efficiency by reducing the air resistance during flight.Catherine Estevez told RBC daily, that the work on the technology began more than six years ago and over the next four years, engineers plan to optimize the material for its commercialization. "Since we want to bring our technology from the laboratory scale industrial applications, we are going to cooperate with several companies that specialize in different coatings and paints. We also intend to explore the use of cover in new areas such as medicine, "- said Ms. Estevez.General Director of "Nanotechnology MDT," the president of nanotechnology society in Russia Viktor Bykov clarified that research in the laboratory of Professor Gerdt de Wit, who is the head of Catherine Estevez, conducted with the help of Russian instruments such as "Integra." Thus, in this laboratory has been equipped with devices NANOEDUCATOR class, which are microscopes, adapted to the educational process."In these devices with the 2004 Dutch students were trained, who are now doing such great design. Since 2008 NANOEDUCATOR introduced in Russia, and now our country is the undisputed leader in the equipment in this area. Therefore, in the near future we can expect a surge of nanotechnology development, "- said Mr. Bykov.According to him, developed in the Netherlands covering a surface structure, which "remembers" the composition and orientation of the particles. If, due to external factors such coating is scratched or damaged, the "memory" of molecular material returns to its original level. 27.07.2012, Eindhoven University of Technology/steklosouz.ru

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