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Eco-Lam Plus Cuts Clear Advantages for Mid Devon Glass

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At the beginning of 2009 Mid Devon Glass made a major investment in Cutting Automation from leading supplier Hegla. Additionally the company installed an automatic insulation glass line and toughening furnace as part of an important expansion programme.

2011 saw the management team make further investments in Hegla equipment with the installation of an Eco-LAM Plus laminated cutting table. The installation has enabled the company to offer float, laminated or toughened sealed units to the highest specifications in a fast and efficient way, to complement the existing sealed unit range processing equipment has also been added for edge working and drilling.

The ability to offer these products in-house has led to the need to supply laminated glass products within the sealed unit and processing environments.

The investment for Mid Devon’s new venture now enables the company to deliver a broader product range in a considerably shorter timescale. While production flow has considerably increased it was essential that the equipment installed would easily meet the growing demands of a diversifying production line.

With space limitations, there was the need to cut laminated glass in a compact area which after discussions with Hegla, resulted in a new solution being achieved using CAD/CAM design technology. The breakout table at the end of the float cutting line was replaced with a special, laminated cutting arrangement that was specifically produced by Hegla to use the same machine footprint.

The extensive understanding of the industry and its associated fluctuations, demonstrated by the Hegla team, along with the machinery’s proven track record of over 2 years at Mid Devon Glass, has reassured Kevin Squibb, Managing Director that the right products have been installed to accommodate product growth.

Hegla, as a company, is without doubt recognized for excellence in terms of product guarantees and its service support. Part of this support includes the ability to completely gauge individual customer’s production needs then to develop a fully tailored design package that can be relied upon and trusted.

Technically, the Eco-Lam Plus cutting table now works in conjunction with the Automatic Optimax Loading and Cutting System installed in 2009 to automatically load and edge delete soft coat laminated glass. The software/control screens of each table have been synchronized to ensure smooth operation

Quality Counts
Kevin Squibb considers that it is only possible to manufacture units of real quality on equipment that has a proven track record, believing that product guarantees can only be met through investment in quality machinery.

He comments, “If the equipment fails then the consistency of our production line will weaken, leaving us susceptible and damaging our reputation. That has to be the quickest route to losing customers in this business.”

Excellence That Exceeds Expectation

Kevin Squibb was delighted with the seamless installation of the Hegla equipment. He comments, “From the initial CAD drawings where it was possible to envisage how the Eco-Lam Plus could be accommodated into our facility through to the swift installation which caused little disruption to production, Hegla has delivered above and beyond our expectations. We initially thought there would not be enough space available to install the equipment we required, however, Hegla convinced us otherwise and delivered on their promise”

He comments, “We have made an extremely sound investment and consider the after- sales care from Hegla as exemplary. We have made a smooth transition, increasing our portfolio and capacity knowing we have the potential to further diversify our range when we choose to do so.”

Steve Goble, Managing Director at Hegla comments, “This Hegla installation highlights how we can strengthen production and provide technical advantages that will support businesses as they continue to grow.”

For more information on the Hegla range please call: 01908 261933

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