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Brandnew ERP System: A+W Business

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´DRAGONFLY‘ is the name of a fascinating project which has heralded in the start of a completely new product generation at A+W. The first pilot installations have turned ´DRAGONFLY‘ into the product ‘A+W Business’, the new ERP solution for medium-sized flat glass processors and IG producers.The core question for the A+W team while developing this system has been: How can we support our customers in working faster, more elegantly, more target-oriented, and generally more productively?The result is impressive: Ergonomics, transparency, and user-friendliness have been improved considerably while the ‚look and feel‘ has been closely adapted to the present WINDOWS environment. A+W Business comes as a multi-dialogue application, i.e. several dialogues - like order dialogues plus master data dialogues - can be opened and edited at the same time; menus and dialogues can be positioned at random, and dialogue sizes can be adjusted by just a mouse-click. Many of the functions operated by drag+drop as is the custom in other standard applications. The new editor offers more formatting options, and the report functions were improved a lot.www.a-w-software.com 03.12.2012, Albat + Wirsam Software GmbH

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