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Corning Gorilla Glass made the presentation of three

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Incorporated, has introduced a new generation of its famous glass Gorilla Glass. According to official information, the glass Gorilla Glass 3 are even more durable and resistant to the effects of a variety of natural and artificial origin.In particular, the third generation is performed using technology Native Damage Resistance, which works at the molecular level, and makes glass virtually invulnerable. Gorilla Glass Slide 3 passed with a clear demonstration of its advantages over the glass of some competitors, as well as previous versions of the Gorilla Glass. Glass exposed metal balls and a small press. Tests have shown, the new glass is three times more resistant and more durable, and possible bruises and scratches on 40% less noticeable than it was before. The company said that the device, which will use high-tech glass that may have become available this summer. 04.02.2013, Corning Incorporated

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