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Environmental Sustainability With V-KOOL? 2nd Generation Films Reducing up to 134kg CO2 per Car Each Year

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Solutia Inc. (NYSE: SOA), the world's leading manufacturer of solar control, decorative, safety and security window films for aftermarket automotive and architectural applications, announces the advent of 2nd generation spectrally selective solar control films for the global automotive markets under its premium V-KOOL® brand of window films.

The 2nd generation products were developed by the late Dr. Gene Woodard as a result of more than 10 years of extensive research and field experiments. Constructed using up to 10 layers of sputtered precious rare metals and further fortified with gold, these energy-saving films are capable of rejecting up to 70% of solar energy and over 97% of infrared light, while maintaining the clarity of auto-glass without creating a mirror reflective effect. Independent studies have also shown this multi-layer, heat-reflecting technology can improve fuel efficiency in cars by as much as 3%, translating to reductions in carbon dioxide emissions of up to 134kg, comparable to saving about 11 trees every year.

"We've achieved yet another breakthrough, with V-KOOL window film delivering the next generation of window films through the introduction of this 10-layer sputtered stack," said Mr. Wilson Lim, group general manager of premium brands for Solutia's Performance Films division. "More than 10 years ago, V-KOOL window film revolutionized the industry with its 7-layer sputtered stack of precious metals on PET films, which transformed driving into a great experience even under intense summer heat."

These films have made their debut in selected markets such as China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and UAE, and have been greeted with success by car dealerships and end consumers. Further roll out into other global markets will ensue. "As a leading premium window film brand, our focus is to continue to drive advancements in technology, consumer experience and our service standards. We are excited to present car dealerships that carry V-KOOL window film with new opportunities to offer drivers another premium product with great performance and environmentally friendly features as well," remarked Ms. Yin-Yin Yeo, global business director of premium brands for Solutia's Performance Films division.

The 2nd generation films come in versions of 58% and 36% visible light transmissions:

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About Solutia Inc.

Solutia is a market-leading performance materials and specialty chemicals company. The company focuses on providing solutions for a better life through a range of products, including: Saflex® polyvinyl butyral interlayers for glass lamination and for photovoltaic module encapsulation and VISTASOLAR® ethylene vinyl acetate films for photovoltaic module encapsulation; LLumar®, Vista(TM), EnerLogic(TM), FormulaOne®, Gila®, V-KOOL®, Huper Optik®, IQue(TM), Sun-X® and Nanolux® aftermarket performance films for automotive and architectural applications; Flexvue(TM) advanced film component solutions for solar and electronic technologies; and technical specialties products including Crystex® insoluble sulfur, Santoflex® PPD antidegradants, Therminol® heat transfer fluids and Skydrol® aviation hydraulic fluids. Solutia's businesses are world leaders in each of their market segments. With its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, the company operates globally with approximately 3,300 employees in more than 50 worldwide locations. More information is available at www.Solutia.com .

About V-KOOL window film

V-KOOL window film is recognized globally as a leader in providing daylight harvesting and energy efficiency solutions through advanced thin film coatings for architectural and automotive glass. The window films are widely installed by many of the leading automotive dealerships. To-date, 22 million car owners in close to 30 countries are contributing to environmental sustainability by reducing up to 134kg of CO2 emission per car per year with V-KOOL window film.

Manufactured and processed in USA and Germany, the V-KOOL brand and technology has enjoyed numerous accolades globally, including the prestigious Top 100 Inventions of the Millennium by US Popular Science, Singapore Franchisor of the Year Award, Singapore Superbrand Award, Thailand and Taiwan Consumer Best Buy Awards, Singapore Prestige Brand Award and China Top 10 Window Film Brands.

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