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5th Get.In. convention: the industry is teeming with optimism

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The Get.In. convention in Frankfurt, the most important convention of the beverage industry, entered its fifth round this year. Decision-makers from trade and industry met for the fifth year in November 2012 and discussed the relevant top topics in the industry.As always, the organisers were GETR?NKE ZEITUNG and the beverage market magazine INSIDE.Verallia Deutschland was also there again this year as a sponsor, and was very satisfied with the feedback and discussions.In clear contrast to the overall German trend (polled in the industry), the beverage industry is teeming with optimism. A TED survey conducted under the direction of GfK expert Günter Birnbaum showed that only 5% of those involved from the trade assume there will be a poor development in 2013. In industrial circles, this figure is also only 15%. With regard to the much-discussed beer prices, over 50% of the industry participants surveyed in Frankfurt assume that the price level will remain roughly the same; 30% assume price increases.About 350 participants from the industry and trade voted – the decision-makers of the industry had gathered once again in Frankfurt.System catering specialists were surveyed with regard to the strategic alignment of their establishments during the course of the convention. The paradigm change in supply structures was discussed, and the Getr?nke-Ring insolvency administrator answered the questions of those present – an appearance that many had eagerly awaited after the turmoil of recent weeks. 17.12.2012, Verallia Saint Gobain Oberland AG

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