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Adhesives for optoelectronics

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DELO now presents new fast-curing adhesives for optoelectronics. DELO’s developers have recently developed a range of disparate light- and heat-curing DELO-KATIOBOND OB and DELO-DUALBOND OB adhesives. These are ideally adapted to the special requirements in the optoelectronics industry, including low outgassing, optical stability and fast establishment of adhesion.“Outgassing products can condensate on lenses of LED packages in particular, and therefore fundamentally impair the light intensity”, explains Rainer D?rfler, Product Manager at DELO. “With our new adhesives, we succeeded in reducing the outgassing effect to a significant extent.” For this purpose, DELO has developed special application-related tests. These show that DELO’s OB products do not reduce the output of LED over a period over several weeks.At the same time, the OB adhesives remain optically stable, even during thermal aging. They get clearly less yellowish than other UV- or heat-curing materials. Advantages also include extremely fast curing. DELO-KATIOBOND OB adhesives achieve high firmness to touch already by the end of irradiation. Therefore, higher output can be achieved in series production processes.

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