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Openings in Sliding Glass Doors

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Sliding glass doors represent an excellent diversification opportunity for home improvement companies and Bohle Ltd offers an extensive range of systems from leading brands such as Willach Vitris and Hawa. Now the company has introduced its own sliding door hardware system, the Bohle SlideTec Optima range, which is characterised by clean lines, ease of assembly and attractive pricing. The SlideTec Optima system has been designed to handle a wide range of applications. The two main systems are SlideTec Optima 60 for doors up to 60 kg and Optima 150 for doors up to 150 kg. Both variants are suitable for a range of installations such as wall and ceiling mounting, with and without fixed glazing and are available in aluminium or stainless steel effect finishes. Smart clamping technology requiring no cutouts and a range of self adhesive finger pulls precludes the need for expensive glass processing.Both SlideTec Optima 60 and 150 have been designed so that the rollers run on the wall profile, which simplifies installation significantly. As an option, both systems can be equipped with a soft-close device. The damping mechanism works in both directions and ensures that the door is slowed down both during opening and closing, and that it slides smoothly back into its end position. The SlideTec Optima range can be found amongst the sliding door systems in the ‘Interior Fittings’ section of the Bohle website, www.bohle-group.com or in the latest ‘Fittings for Glass’ catalogue. Call 0800 616151. 21.02.2013, Bohle Ltd

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