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MENA opts for glass containers

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An independent survey conducted by Asian Glass magazine (www.asianglass.com), of 47 selected consumers from across the MENA region, has revealed glass packaging is the overwhelming first choice of consumers for preserving the quality, purity, and taste of beverages. The survey revealed that almost 73% of consumers continue to choose glass packaging for maintaining the purity of a product. When it comes to ensuring the quality and healthiness of foods, more than 79% believe that glass packaging is the best choice. Consumers also choose glass packaging for maintaining the shelf life of a product over aluminum and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic by three-to-one (62%). The survey also revealed that glass is the preferred packaging choice of those questioned for juices (73%), soft drinks (96%), sauces/condiments (65%) and health drinks (87%).“This ground-breaking research by our principal media partner, Asian Glass, highlights the need for increased investment in container glass capacity right across MENA” says Derek Burston, exhibition director, Gulf Glass 2013 (www.glassinthegulf.com).“It is this trend that is undoubtedly inspiring a number of existing companies, as well as budding entrepreneurs, to increase their exposure to this sector, all of which augurs well of course, for the providers of container glass manufacturing technology” he adds, “and as a result, this year’s Gulf Glass exhibition in Dubai (3-5 September), will provide the perfect platform for companies to access this growing market place”.To book your exhibition stand at Gulf Glass 2013, simply contact Derek Burston on des@gattacaltd.com, or visit www.glassinthegulf.com 15.02.2013, Gulf Glass Exhibitions

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