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Architectural Testing launches security research center

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Fenestration manufacturers and architects now have a comprehensive resource for protective glazing systems design analysis and performance testing at Architectural Testing’s new ISO/IEC 17025-accredited Security Research Center at the firm’s York, Pa., headquarters, according to a Dec. 1 release.

“The Security Research Center focuses on the key threats of bomb blast, ballistic impact and assault protection,” explains SRC Director John Stacey, a 15-year veteran of equipment design and commissioning, in the release. “Our professional engineering staff regularly performs engineering evaluations and analysis of attachments of product to a particular building substrate as a means to confirm anchorage, as well as run the qualification and rating tests. It’s essentially one-stop shopping for protective glazing R&D and proof-of-performance.”

Blast testing

The SRC features a “next generation” shock tube blast test facility, completely enclosed for all-weather testing that enables technicians to “dial in” a specific blast wave (psi vs. msec) profile. Unlike older shock tube technology, this blast profile includes the negative phase of the blast wave – something heretofore possible only with open arena “live fire” testing.

Participating manufacturers can test their products or fully assembled mockups against the requirements of one or more performance specifications: AAMA 510, ASTM F1642, GSA TS01 and/or the Department of Defense Unified Facilities Criteria, UFC 4-010.

Capabilities include high-speed, high-resolution color digital video up to 5,000 frames/second and data capture at 10,000,000 samples per channel per second. While currently capable of testing 7-foot-by-7-foot samples, expansion is underway to allow sizes of 12-foot-by-12-foot. Multiple specimens can be tested in rapid succession by sequentially mounting them in a reusable test frame, enabling up to 15 tests per day. Typically, test runs can be scheduled just four or five work days after an inquiry, making test report turnaround time an industry benchmark.

“Our next-generation Shock Tube was designed with a number of features that allow us to adjust parameters and retest almost immediately to get fast results for research under a spectrum of conditions,” said Stacey in the release.

Ballistic resistance

The SRC also offers testing for ballistic resistance according to applicable test methods such as ASTM F1233, UL 752 (up to Level 10 [0.50 caliber impact] per the latest revision), H.P. White TP.0500 (forced entry/ballistic standard), SD-STD-01.01 RevG (U.S. State Department Forced Entry and Ballistic Standard), and/or NIJ 0108.01 (National Institute of Justice Ballistic Standard).

To perform these tests, the SRC has a fully-outfitted ballistics range, which also includes digital video recording up to 5,000 frames per second.

Assault protection

Testing and evaluation services for assault protection – aka mob forced entry –examine the ability of the building envelope to withstand determined attacks (e.g., riots, prison breakouts, etc.) following the protocols of standards such as State Department SD-STD-01.01 RevG and various forced entry resistance standards and test methods for the Department of State, Department of Defense and the Department of Justice. Architectural testing’s SRC is now qualified for the Department of State’s list of certified test facilities.

Data security

To address wireless data security, Architectural Testing is planning further expansion of its Security Research Center to enable testing of specialty glazings and films as well as wall materials capable of shielding against the unintended transmission of RF signals (such as from indoor wireless LANs or cell phones). This is of special concern for buildings housing such sensitive operations as CIA, NSA, FBI, financial centers, etc.

For more information, call Stacey at 717/764-7700 or write him at jstacey@archtest.com.

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