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Glaston’s renewed strategy takes customer experience to the next level

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In September 2013, Glaston published its updated strategic guidelines and financial targets for the period 2013–2016. Glaston’s goal is to deliver profitable growth through innovation and technology leadership in selected product groups, while at the same time ensuring the best customer benefit and experience in the industry. Glaston has a strong and successful tradition in technology and innovation and in the new strategy technological leadership is one of the focus areas. But today technology alone is not enough - understanding the customer, satisfying customer needs and delivering the best customer experience are cornerstones in Glaston’s new strategy. “Improving the customer experience is a win-win situation for both parties. Our target is to produce products and services that keep our customers satisfied and, at the same time, create solutions that make doing business with us easy”, Arto Mets?nen, CEO and President of Glaston Corporation stated during Vitrum Exhibition in Milan, Italy.Glaston wants to be a trustworthy counterparty. “We want to define all the touch points we have with our customers because in these the interactions that create the customer experience takes place. Our target is to make sure that these points are designed so that doing business with us is pleasant.”Meeting customer demandGlaston’s new generation of glass tempering lines, the RC and FC Series with iControL™, initially launched at Glasstec in Germany in 2010 have in just three years since launching become a big hit with customers throughout the world. Last week Glaston celebrated the delivery of the 100th new generation tempering line with the innovative iControL™ automation system. The furnaces have already been delivered to all continents and several customers have even more than one of these new types of tempering lines with iControL™. “This proves that our continuous investments in R&D are providing what is needed for our customers to compete and succeed in their chosen glass tempering businesses”, Mets?nen concludes.Strong investments in product development Vitrum will be the springboard for the new UC series of automatic cutting lines, which deliver outstanding performance and reliability at an affordable price. Omnia, the innovative double edging machine with peripheral wheels, is suitable for solar glass applications as well as for the appliances and furniture industries. The Hiyon vertical straight line edging machine range will be completed by a new model with 11 spindles that stands out with its structure, performance, available options and versatility. In heat treatment technology GlastonAir™ air flotation technology for thin glass tempering is introduced, Glaston IriControL™ technology to reduce and measure the iridescence of tempered glass and Glaston RC350™ flat tempering lines that lower the cost of operation. Each of these solutions incorporates the latest Glaston innovations to help flat glass processors move into new areas of business. Glaston’s new modernization services include the Glaston iControL™ control system upgrade for existing flat tempering furnace, the Glaston RC200-zone™ furnace chamber replacement that enables higher capacity and higher quality end products and the Glaston Roller Heat Control RHC™ upgrade for existing flat tempering furnace providing better glass quality with ease. All Glaston lifecycle services, wear and tear parts, service work, training and consultation as well as upgrades and modernizations will be presented for the first time in Vitrum under Glaston Genuine Care label. 23.10.2013, Glaston/newsclient.omxgroup.com

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