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TIAMA with a new range of Intelligence systems

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TIAMA, the internationally leading provider of process and quality control technologies, and the Swiss expert in glass consulting, IS Engineering (ISE), have signed an agreement pooling their know-how and in-depth market insight to come up with groundbreaking software solutions.TIAMA, in cooperation with ISE, extends its expertise to a new range: Tiama Intelligence Systems.“The TIAMA IQ concept is focused on three key requirements for all glass industry decision makers: process efficiency, market competitiveness and reactivity.” explains Benoit Burin des Roziers, TIAMA’s Sales and Marketing Director.Tiama IQ track is the first intelligent tool within this innovative range to be launched for the hollow glass market. Tiama IQ track is intelligence IT solution providing an “at-a-glance” view of a plant or group performance. It is designed to give managers the competitive edge with easy, flexible access to real-time KPMs (Key Performance Metrics) anywhere, anytime and in any device (smartphone, pads, laptops...).Tiama IQ track consolidates all important alerts and figures from the entire production process, including energy consumption, into a single secure tracking system clearly indicating the efficiency level of the plant.“Today’s reality is that businessmen are simply inundated with hundreds of messages by phone, mails, and e-mails... yet these people must take quick, efficient decisions based on a general overview. Tiama IQ track provides glassmakers with real-time, concise, yet qualitative information regarding their glass plant’s performance – anywhere and anytime. Tiama IQ track enables its user to take faster, correct decisions. After all: time is money “adds Benoit Burin des Roziers.Currently, the first version of this intelligent system is already operational on the mobile devices at one of the new European glass market players. As for the future, Tiama IQ track paves the way for the introduction of additional Tiama IQ Intelligence systems: Tiama IQ Scan scheduled for 2014, Tiama IQ Club in 2015 and, Tiama IQ Source. 06.11.2013, TIAMA - msc & sgcc

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