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Verallia Deutschland now offers its customers the complete service of a design agency.

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High technology and creativity are now combined at the newly created Design Center at Verallia Deutschland. Whereas previously new models were developed by the technicians in mould construction, who also have to grapple directly with technical feasibility, the focus is now primarily upon "creating something beautiful for the customer," according to Mr. Mayer, Heat of Design Center. The limits of what is technically feasible have already been pushed back one or two times by this approach. The team now also includes two new product designers who like hand-drafting sketches together with customers or coming up with new concepts using modelling clay. The technology has also been upgraded to give the customers a real alternative to modern agencies. Real models "to grab hold of" can now be printed by means of 3D printers. And the opposite is also possible: with a new 3D scanner, every shape can be digitalized. "That can be a tree bark profile or a bottle for which the exact dimensional details are required, or a freely shaped fantasy model!" explains Jürgen Mayer. This "backwards" method of design is called "reverse engineering". For Verallia Deutschland this means additional customer orientation. From the initial idea to the completed product, everything comes from one source. 16.10.2013, Verallia Deutschland/verallia.com

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