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Conference update - speakers include Verallia, Glass Packaging Institute, Vetropack

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The Glassman America 2013 conference programme features glass manufacturers, associations and international suppliers who will share their insights via case studies, market analysis and product profiles.Register today to receive a FREE conference passHear from industry leaders including:Verallia North AmericaBurying Treasure: From “Best Practice” to “Bad Idea”The tale of beverage containers as buried treasure in landfills may be news for some or an all too familiar issue for others, and addressing it is a difficult challenge. There are various, competing solutions on the table, as well as a host of “reasons or excuses” touted as to why the problem can or cannot be fixed. However, when asked, “How many of you think it is sound public policy to landfill billions of beverage containers every year?” no one raises a hand. Now is the time to support a recycling program that recovers aluminum, PET, and glass beverage containers at an average rate of 82% with minimal government involvement and cost.Stephen Segebarth, Sr. Vice President, Government Relations, Regulatory Affairs & LawGlass Packaging InstituteBy the Numbers: Consumer Trends in PackagingThe Glass Packaging Institute recently commissioned a study exploring consumer attitudes and understandings related to packaging and the products which they purchase. Conducted by EcoFocus Worldwide Research, well-known experts on green and sustainability consumer trends, the study asked very specifically what factors are considerations when thinking about the purchase of a food or beverage as it relates to packaging, particularly when it comes to concerns regarding the health or the environment. The online survey included a sample of 4,046 nationally representative adults aged 18-65. Ms Bragg will provide an overview of the results.Lynn Bragg, PresidentVisiongainThe current global glass packaging landscape and how it might look in the futureGlobal 20 Leading Glass Packaging Companies 2013: Competitive Landscape Analysis Report: Glass Packaging Market 2013-2023 Report. The first pertains to the current landscape of the glass packaging/container glass industry, focusing on the leading companies and the current state of the market. The second is based on future expectations of how the industry will develop and takes a look 5-10 years down the line with a key focus on the subsectors by use of glass containers and packaging.Sree S Selvam, Hard & Soft Commodity Analyst, Consultant & ResearcherPLUS MANY MORE - see the complete programme online here 12.08.2013, Glass International \ Quartz Business Media Ltd

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