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New energy-saving glass appears in Changsha

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In Changsha Green Building Materials Fair, a special energy-saving glass attracted many visitors. Two similar glasses were laid over two lights of bathroom. People standing before one glass immediately felt the heat wave, while people did not obviously felt any heat in front of the other glass- a PROTECT LOW-E energy-saving glass painted with a special insulation film.

PROTECT energy-saving glass can fully separate infrared and ultraviolet in the solar spectrum so as to play the role of heat and ultraviolet insulation. A room installed energy-saving glass can isolate from more than 50 percent of solar heat in summer, reducing temperature 2-5 ℃, and in winter it can prevent nearly 75 percent of infrared from heat leaked through glass, raising room temperature 2-4 degrees.  The energy-saving glass plays the role of Cool summer and warm winter and reduces the indoor energy consumption of air-conditioning.

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