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A meeting for the national standard Building Curtain Wall was held in Shenzhen

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The meeting was organized by Policy Research Center of the Ministry of Construction, aiming to help the engineering and technical personnel have a comprehensive understanding of the main content and technical targets, to enhance design level of China's building curtain wall projects, to promote advanced construction technologies and R & D and application of new materials for curtain walls, and to review and exchange the hot and difficult problems in the process of design, construction and security maintenance of curtain wall projects.

The polyurethane insulating glass sealant, developed by Antas Chemical as a new material and a new product, has aroused more and more concerns in the industry. The sealant belongs to the second sealing product of hollow glass, featured of high intensity and cohesiveness for aluminium and glass. It is also a high-quality product of good curing effect and fine property in construction. The product fills the gap of the polyurethane insulating glass sealant in China and is at the leading position in the world.

At the meeting, Zuo Hongwu, an engineer of Technology Department of Antas Chemical, made a detailed presentation in several aspects such as the major international market and domestic development of hollow glass sealant, comparison of performances of main hollow glass sealants, and advantages for developing the polyurethane insulating glass sealant.

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