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DFI expands operations to India with Nano-sys corporation

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Company continues steady global growth by signing an exclusive representation agreement with nanotech firm to launch its proprietary nanotechnology in India, 12th world’s largest economy.

Diamon-Fusion International, Inc. (DFI Nanotechnology), global developer and exclusive licensor of patented hydrophobic nanotechnologies, announced today the signing of an exclusive sales representation agreement with Indian nanotech firm Nano-Sys Corporation to expand its global operations into the growing Asian markets. This new expansion affirms the company’s rapid growth under a dynamic vision based on one of DFI’s core values: business diversification.

Nano-Sys Corporation is an Indian privately-owned company based in Mumbai, Western India, at the center of the most industrialized region in the country, with 22 years of experience in the development and marketing of specialty chemicals and advanced polymer science. Nano-Sys’ efforts are directed towards providing innovative specialty chemicals for the protection of glass, paint and ceramic products as well as catering to pharmaceutical and nutritional food businesses through an effective and well-established sales and distribution network throughout India.

India is fast emerging as the global research and development (R&D) hub of the world. In the past ten years the country has moved from a peripheral position in knowledge and technology sectors to being at the core of the continuous flow of people, ideas and technologies around the world. In 2006 alone, 100 of the world's top R&D companies employed more than 15,000 scientists in India. India’s economy is the 12th-largest in the world measured in nominal US dollars, but rises to 4th largest when measured at purchasing power parity exchange rates.

Subodh Kulkarni, Managing Director of Nano-Sys, expressed: “DFI’s patented nano-coating will offer a truly innovative and unparalleled technology to our customers, both revolutionary and amazing. We see a great opportunity for DFI’s products in a wide range of special markets including automotive, construction, hotels , malls, hospitals; all rapidly growing markets with great potential in India; we are honored to be representing DFI in India and bringing DFI’s advanced technology to our customers.”

Guillermo Seta, Executive Director of DFI Global Operations, stated: “Our focus this year has been global growth, more so than any other period of time, as we find vast international markets being now more mature for the kind of technology we offer; this new partnership in India with Nano-Sys certainly serves as a testament and it provides access to one of the largest markets in Asia.”

DFI Nanotechnology multi-functional characteristics include: water and oil repellency (hydrophobic and oleophobic,), impact and scratch resistance, protection against graffiti, dirt and stains, finger print protection, UV stability, additional electrical insulation, protection against calcium and sodium deposits and increased brilliance and lubricity. DFI’s nanocoating works at nanoscale levels to change the molecular composition of any silica-based surface. Diamon-Fusion® provides, in chemical terms, a ‘cross-linked’, ‘branched’ and ‘capped’ optically clear nano-film along with a strong and durable covalent bond.

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