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Forel celebrating 37 years

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In 2013 Forel Spa celebrates 37 years of activity in the production of equipment for flat glass processing.    

All started in 1976, when Fortunato Vianello, founder and current President  of the company, realized the great potential  of development that this kind of machines could have had. Italian glass processors had at that time a big demand from the residential market which started to appreciate the advantages of insulated glass against monolithic, but the manufacturing process was very slow and the quality rather poor because many operations were still manual. Forel started to study solutions to automate and speed up all the steps of the insulated glass production, designing from the beginning automatic vertical machines.
“The evolutions continues” was the motto of a Forel advertisement some years ago, and this slogan describes the continuous dialog and collaboration with our customers,  sometimes fulfilling their requests, in other cases proposing innovative and original solutions which anticipate the markets needs. Today Forel is a global key player, with machines installed in 5 continents confirming  the success of the company. “The secret is continuously bringing into question the reached goals and setting new ones, always more ambitious “ says Fortunato  Vianello, “our satisfaction matches with our customers’ satisfaction”. “This year we are launching some new developments not only in Insulated Glass, but also in edge processing , production and vertical cutting of laminated glass, which surely will arouse sensation for the level of innovation we’ll offer.”
The market changes quickly, glass is in continuous evolution  and we are always ready to change in order to improve the production of IG units always more performing and energy saving.

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