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New 1-Click Mobile-Friendly Website from Thermoseal Group Limited

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Thermoseal Group, manufacturer of Thermobar and Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacers has introduced a brand new website www.thermosealgroup.com. With a novel mobile-friendly icon-driven menu the site allows easy 1-click navigation to any of over 1,500 insulated glass components, and 2-click navigation to each of its wide range of glass machines.  The site also facilitates additional services for its customers.         
If you log onto

  • Product Catalogues, Technical Information and Downloads organised by search filters for easy location
  • Access to Product and Industry News, answers to Frequently Asked Questions and Events information.
  • Warm Edge Technology and Integrated Blinds sections for up-to-date guidelines and information
  • Online IG calculators to calculate cost per unit, gas usage and labour costs of manufacturing glazing
  • A forum for selling used machinery for customers
  • A contact area with online enquiry system directed to the correct department
  • A marketing resource for online brochures, leaflets and direct marketing
  • A blog for industry debate

Samantha Hill, Marketing Manager at Thermoseal Group, tells us: “Over the past few years in particular, we have put a great deal of thought into developing our brand, the product range that we manufacture, and the customer service that we offer.   It is only fitting that we follow this through to our website. 

 “With such a large product range, it’s very difficult to create a site with easy navigation to every product.  So after some thought we decided to organise the components we supply into key categories and represent them with icons.  These icons run down the left hand side of our site and are sensitive to the hover of a curser which opens up two-tier product menus allowing you to navigate to the product you are looking for with one click of the mouse.

 “Our next step with the website will be a dedicated mobile platform site, and then an online order system for our account customers.  The site is in continual development in terms of the vast amounts of information and advice that we can offer, but it is already a great resource for our customers and indeed for our own staff, so please have a look.”

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