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Verifix® Glass Bonding Table for the Perfect Glass Bond

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For more than 20 years, Bohle has been a pioneer in the field of UV bonding. This does not only apply to the high quality bonding products from the company such as UV adhesives, UV lamps for curing or hardware, as well as the application-related consultation and advice based on many years of experience, but also to a certain degree for auxiliary devices which make UV bonding processes as easy and as safe as possible.       


After launching the successful angle suction holders Verifix® Pro for 90° and 45° bonds, Bohle´s upcoming product launch will be the Verifix® glass bonding table, developed for precise serial and individual glass-glass bonds.

Bonds which have so far been regarded as difficult can now be achieved easily and safely thanks to the Verifix® glass bonding table. In particular, when it comes to complicated 45° bonds, the sturdy table comes into its own: Mitre stops and counterweights facilitate the precise positioning of the glass parts towards each other. With the aid of the supplied Verifix® Pro angle suction holders, the required layer thickness of low- and medium-viscosity adhesives can be precisely applied. The smart lamp fixing aid positions the UV lamp in the right angle and distance to the bonding surface and thus guarantees uniform and adequate curing of the UV adhesive used.

The Verifix® bonding table ensures a UV bonding process security unheard of so far: On the one hand this is due to superior bonding precision and easy handling of the device and on the other hand well thought-out and repeatable processes guarantee a high degree of safety.

The bonding table is available in three different sets: Set 1, including the bonding table, the lamp 90° fixing aid, two counterweights and two angle suction holders Verifix® Pro 90°, allows for rational 90° bonds. Set 2 is suited best if you wish to realise both 90° and 45° bonds: Apart from the bonding table it comprises two lamp fixing aids suitable for both angles, two counterweights, two 45° mitre stops and a pair of Verifix® Pro angle suction holders.

The "Deluxe" version, Set 3, additionally includes, apart from the contents of Set 2, a pair of Verifix® Pro angle suction holders as well as two UV lamps, one "Star Light" and one "Long-Light XL". Buying one of the sets guarantees an attractive price advantage compared to buying the individual parts.

Nevertheless, all components of the set are also available separately: The table can also be retrofitted at a later point in time and is therefore easily adapted to changing needs.

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