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AGC invests in Triton Microtechnologies that owns cutting-edge via-fill technology

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AGC (Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.; Head Office: Tokyo; President & CEO: Kazuhiko Ishimura) has made an investment totaling USD 2.1 million in Triton Microtechnologies, Inc. (Head Office: Arizona, U.S.), which owns cutting-edge via-fill technology for interposer substrate, to realize next-generation semiconductor packaging products using ultra-thin glass.  

By combining its unique technologies on ultra-thin glass and micro-hole drilling process with Triton Microtechnologies’ via-fill technology, AGC will contribute to the acceleration of next-generation semiconductor packaging development using glass.   

Next-generation high density semiconductor packaging is a promising solution for smaller and higher-function mobile devices, and the key to realize such advanced technology is interposer technologies that interconnect the Si chip and the printed circuit board. AGC has developed carrier glass technology that enables its customers to handle ultra-thin glass at their sites and micro-hole drilling technology to manufacture ultra-thin glass interposers. For the commercialization of ultra-thin glass interposers, the via-fill technology has been needed and this investment will help AGC to put its innovative product into practical use.

Triton Microtechnologies owns a proprietary via-hole filling technology for micro-holes with a high aspect ratio. This technology uses a copper paste to fill holes, which allows a highly productive and efficient continuous processing. By using a copper paste with the same coefficient of thermal expansion as glass, this method can also help increase the quality of electrodes.

AGC will continue to expand the possibilities of glass by accelerating its technological development and also leveraging excellent technologies of other companies obtained through investments and alliances.

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1. Profile of Triton Microtechnologies
(1) Company name: Triton Microtechnologies Inc.
(2) Location: Tucson, Arizona, U.S.
(3) Capital: 2.25 million USD
(4) Established: 2012
(5) Business: Manufacture and sale of glass substrates with electrodes

2. Configuration of glass interposer


3. Optical micrograph of Cu filled via for glass interposer

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