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In-Depth Analysis Report of Glass for PV Market (2008-2015F)

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The solar cell glass market showed 6.8% de-growth in 2012 over last year. While the entire PV module production increased by about 5GW, the selling price of glass for solar cells declined by about 20%, causing market shrinkage.      
Although the solar cell glass price is expected to continuously show the downward trend in 2013, the rate of decrease will be as low as 4.4%. Thus, it is estimated that the solar cell glass market will enter a recovery phase this year, reaching KRW 2.2 trillion with a 10% increase over W102012. This upward trend will continue until 2015 with an about more than 10% growth rate.

This report provides a comprehensive examination of key theories, technologies, and processes of solar cell glass. Especially, it provides analysis of glass technologies and technological issues based on solar cell type such as c-Si, a-Si, CdTe, CIGS, DSSCs. Thus, it will be a guideline in selecting a right direction in research on solar cell glass. Besides, this report presents detailed information about capacity and production of 24 glass manufacturers worldwide, M/S by company and country, patent trends by glass type, and market status by country.

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