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Sono-Tek Announces New Distributor for Glass Industry

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Sono-Tek Corporation, a global ultrasonic wet spray technology company based out of NY, USA, is pleased to announce a new distributor for the float glass industry, IfG, a leading provider to the float glass industry for powder application systems, based out of Waiblingen, Germany.      

The addition of Sono-Tek’s ultrasonic liquid spray technology to IfG’s line of glass coating equipment completes their full range of reliable, proven wet spray and dry coating systems for the float glass industry. IfG’s long reputation for quality glass finishing makes them a perfect partner for distributing Sono-Tek’s precision ultrasonic glass coating systems. Both Sono-Tek and IfG specialize in providing effective, reliable, innovative surface finishing solutions designed exactly to customer specifications.

Steve Harshbarger, president of Sono-Tek Corporation, stated “IfG is a logical partner for Sono-Tek to expand our presence in the float glass industry. They have a widespread customer base, and are known for providing high quality equipment with superior service.”

Sono-Tek Corporation has been providing ultrasonic liquid spray systems to float glass manufacturers for over a decade, for applying anti-stain coatings of organic acid solutions to protect glass during transportation and storage, as well as applying protective anti-scratch coatings onto Low-E float glass. These spray systems are designed for continuous 24-7 operation in glass manufacturing. All Sono-Tek spray equipment is fully supported by world class customer service.

Ultrasonic liquid spray equipment commonly replaces air spray with precise ultrasonic deposition to provide a more uniform, drip-free, non-clogging coating method. Whereas air spray nozzles are prone to clogging, Sono-Tek’s patented ultrasonic nozzles are non-clogging devices, resulting in drastic reductions in maintenance requirements. Ultrasonic wet spray achieves savings of up to 80% in liquid usage and reduced exhaust requirements with dramatic reduction in overspray. Significant improvements in uniformity using ultrasonic spray lead to fewer defects and improved glass protection, applying thin film layers evenly across the entire glass surface. Deposition control enables very thin layers of material while still maintaining high uniformity. In addition, operators are protected from high levels of atmospheric contamination due to bounceback of material, when compared to liquid air spray processes.

Both Sono-Tek and IfG are well known for high quality systems that have pioneered new coating processes over the years. IfG’s 30 years of experience, reputation for quality equipment, and technical expertise in protecting glass is complemented by Sono-Tek’s 35 years of innovation in high tech, reliable ultrasonic spray equipment. We are pleased and excited to add IfG to our extensive global distribution network. To learn more about Sono-Tek’s liquid spray glass coating innovations, go to http://www.sono-tek.com/ultrasonic-glass-coating-equipment/. To learn more about IfG, go to

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