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A+W Takes a Stand: New company name - thorough re-branding - an impressive web appearance

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To the flat glass and windows industry, Albat+Wirsam has always rather been known as ‚A+W‘. The realignment of the software suppliers from Linden, Germany, was the perfect opportunity to turn the former short name into the official one: As from now, the company has been renamed ‚A+W Software GmbH.‘ 

This change of name is part of a completely new corporate identity part of which has been put into practice several months ago: Prominent and well-known for instance is the new, royal blue A+W logo which resembles a shaped sheet and which characterizes the entire brand appearance of A+W.

“Especially in international markets" A+ W’s CEO Dr. Uwe Schmid explains “the company name of Albat+Wirsam was well-kown and highly estimated but has also always been a lingual stumbling block likely to produce confusion because of wrong pronunciation or spelling. Now, we are totally – and only - A+W which makes things a lot easier and will help to strengthen our appearance on the market. “

The re-branding comes with an impressive, totally redesigned website which was launched at glasstec 2012. The new homepage is currently accessible by the internationally valid web address Matching the new URL of the homepage, all A+W staff world-wide will get new email addresses following the pattern firstname.lastname@a-w.com.

Dr. Michael Küttner, A+W Company Communications: “In the past two years we have been setting up a completely new product generation, have improved our service organization, and are now, after being taken over by Friedman Corporation, international totally redesigned. Our customers all over the world will profit from that. The new, fresh branding shows that instead of merely adapting to changes, we rather live and create those changes ourselves, with lots of innovative power”.

True to this statement, A+W together with leading machinery manufacturers have implemented several large projects in medium-sized glass processing companies, mainly with a focus on process optimization and automation. Uwe Schmid: “Many companies prove to have lots of elbow room for substantial improvements which can bring decisive advantages on the market. We are happy to see that our customers and machinery partners trust in our competence. The new A+W CI shall help to openly demonstrate this competence to the market”.

More information: A+W Software GmbH Dr. Uwe Schmid, CEO Dr. Michael Küttner, Company Communications Tel: +49 (0) 6403 970-0

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