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Rock 11 with system ETS

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When Stefano Bavelloni decided to build the first straight-line edger, he knew he’d find a scene inflated by manufacturers with products positioned at different levels.      


He was also aware of the cost reduction rush of all manufacturers at the expense of quality, type of materials and long term reliability.

Upon a precise request of its customers, Neptun has chosen to go against the market trend and to build a total-quality machine, without compromises.

Stefano knew that to build a machine with superior mechanical features and performance- was not enough, he also wanted to invent something unique, something that could not be surpassed.

Therefore, only one year after the presentation of the first straight-line edgers Rock with 8 and 11 wheels, Neptun has crossed all existing technological boundaries and transformed the “classic” straight-line edger in a numerical controlled machine with three interpolated axes.

ETS system
The patented system Edge to Shape allows to square the glass  to the set dimensions or to bring it out-of square with a precision and tolerances which, up to now, were prerogative of the double edgers and numerical controls.

With a simple introduction of the desired dimensions of the glass sheets, Rock will correct the angles and manage the removal during the edging process, obtaining a processed glass sheet which is squared at 90° and with final dimensions as set, with a tolerance of ±0,5mm.At the same time, the numerical control will check the values and indicate to the operator the real obtained dimensions.

But this is not all, ETS can also define geometries that are out-of-square, which is very useful in architecture when the glass sheets have to be adapted to non perpendicular walls.

In this case, by introducing the four dimensions of the desired polygon, the system ETS will manage the axes, by means of the numerical control, in order to obtain these shapes.

The system ETS can manage the working cycle up to 10 different glass sheets at the same time. It is also possible to acquire the data of the dimensions through bar-code reader.
Up to the present days, these types of processing could not even be imagined for a straight-line edger.

This system is obviously patented all around the world.

In order to obtain high accuracy in processing, the whole mechanics have been refined in order to drastically reduce almost to zero all backlashes present in  this type of machine of its nature.

As a consequence of this mechanical precision, even if a customer is not interested in the squaring system, he will surely appreciate the performances of the most solid, the fastest and the most silent straight-line edger on the market, at equal polishing quality.

This bold statement is the result of what has been established by all our customers who have carried out comparing tests.

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