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A Sign of the Times - Glaspro Brings a New Look to a Flagship Chevron Gas Station

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When designers for Chevron wanted to create a new, modern look for a flagship gas station they turned to Glaspro to create a storefront and signage that are as striking as they are unique.The facade features a complex, three - dimensional design of polished glass panels utilizing a range of sizes and shapes to achieve modern sophisticated effect.  

The signage, a Chevron logo suspended in clear glass, appears clean and deceptively simple but was also the result of a surprisingly complex fabrication process. 

This design presented a number of manufacturing  challenges. The numerous pieces of  the facade required precise cutting, polishing and lamination. Key to the success of this project were  Glaspro’s extensive experience and technical capacity for producing a high volume of high-quality fabricated glass panels.  Manufacture of the signage was no less demanding and required the development of entirely new techniques and processes and pushed the envelope of what can be achieved in decorative glass to new and exiting areas.        

By utilizing available materials in original and creative ways Glaspro was able to realize the vision of this design precisely, broadening the horizon of what is possible and blazing new trails of artistic freedom for the future.       

The end result of this innovation is a beautiful example of corporate branding and a testament to the powerful combination of ideas and expertise in achieving the extraordinary by using ordinary tools.

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