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Guardian gets a clear win at the Olympic Park

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The 2012 Olympics were certainly a games to remember, however now that the athletes have long gone, and the event is becoming a memory, we are thankfully left with a greatly rejuvenated Stratford and an impressive Olympic Park. 

As with many industries, the Olympics brought a wealth of business to companies all around the UK involved in the different levels of construction, whether it was ground soil testing or energy supply to the Olympic village, many companies achieved something from the Olympics and Guardian certainly weren’t left out.

After years of preparation work, Guardian is pleased to confirm that they secured virtually all of the glass specification for the Olympic Village. Close work between Paul Anderson (Guardian’s SunGuard architectural sales manager) and Lendlease who were both the client and the developer for the Olympic village, saw Guardian SunGuard SN 70/41 used throughout the project.

SunGuard High Selective glass is the perfect solution for projects like the Olympic Village, where exceptional thermal insulation in all of the building fabric including the glazing, could easily lead to excessive over heating with the solar heat gains.Solar heat could very quickly heat up the internal building, as the suns heat radiates across the project during the day. However, the super neutral SunGuard High Selective coating combines exceptional thermal insulation with a low solar factor of 41%, which reflects 59% of the solar heat away from the glass and helps to keep the internal temperatures at bay. This, combined with a high 70% light transmission and very little colour distortion, meant that the views for the Olympiads were unspoilt from the village looking over the park.

Guardian also secured their SunGuard High Selective SN 62/34 on the Olympic Orbit Tower which provided views over the park during the event and now looks set to become a restaurant.Overall Guardian were pleased to have supplied over 60,000m2 of Guardian SunGuard High Selective glass, coupled with another 60,000m2 of Clear LamiGlass for this extensive area of the Olympic village.

IG units for the project were fabricated by a number of our key customers including Lisburn Glass, Float Glass Industries, Carey Glass and Village Glass.

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