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The glass industry has successfully implemented its competence centre

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Due to an increasingly competitive market environment, which requires highly skilled and flexible employees, ten of Slovenian companies decided to establish a competence centre Steklar three years ago.  

With this project they wanted to ensure the development and competitiveness of the glass industry in Slovenia using the competency model. Pending the completion of the project, 1,028 employees, and of these 420 women, were included in the project of training and lifelong learning. In total, there were 297 workshops and 70 mentors were trained.

The consortium of companies successfully applied to a tender of the Republic of Slovenia Fund Office for Human Resources Development and Scholarships in 2010 to co-finance the establishment and operation of competence centres for staff development during the period from 2010 to 2013. A little more than 208,000 euros was granted to the consortium to establish a competence centre, and the funds were entirely contributed by the European Social Fund.

Competence models help the company in managing employee performance, and the employees are more accurately informed about what is expected of them and how this can be realized. Competence models, in addition to knowledge, skills and dexterity, also define the values, motives and desired employee personality characteristics that contribute to successful work.

"Employee development, culture of cooperation and implementation of the concept of a learning company remains a key challenge for companies in the future, if they want to be competitive," said Ksenija Špiler Bo?i?, a consultant for staff in Hrastnik Glassworks, at the end of the project. This Hrastnik Company has been a leading partner in the project. "We are aware that the establishment of the competence centre does not mean the end of the project. The real work has only just started for us, glaziers. “The promotion system was introduced in the Hrastnik Glassworks, on the basis of target competences, as defined by the project, also training programs have been introduced for all jobs, the extent of absenteeism has been limited, performance in the business units of Opal and Vitrum has been raised and overtime and the share of technical setbacks has been reduced.

Number of claims due to errors were reduced by 5% in Rogaška Glassworks by participating in the project and product development time was shortened. The Forstek Company successfully increased its target competencies by participating in the project.

The following companies participated in the project: Hrastnik Glassworks, Rogaška Glassworks, Forstek, Mechanical Locksmithing Strašek Marjan s. p., Mozaik Ciril Zobec s. p., Glesia glass design, Vetro Emba, marketing and service, Graviart, Tanja Valen?ak s. p. and Steklarski hram shop.

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