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China Glass 2013 Advancing in Adversity

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The glass and materials industry of China is presently faced with various difficulties while developing, such as uncoordinated and unsustainable development, weak ability for scientific and technological innovation, unbalanced industrial structure, serious over-capacity of production, increasing pressure from energy conservation, emission reduction and environment protection. In terms of global economy, the international financial crisis is still having far-reaching influences on the world, instability and uncertainties of international economic growth have increased. On the other hand, along with step-by-step implementation of measures the Chinese Government has taken for guaranteeing economic increase, a momentum of steady economic growth emerges presently in China. Recovery of the architectural and real estate industrials produces demands for flat glass, and development of IT and solar industries is driving glass production, and hence China’s glass industry still has room for development. Such a complex and volatile environment is a challenge to China Glass 2013 to be staged in Beijing on 24-27 next May, and meanwhile a good opportunity for its progress. Temporary slowdown of the glass industry will facilitate structural adjustment, transform and upgrading of the industry. Therefore, China Glass, serving as a good platform for exhibitors to demonstrate their innovation achievements and conducting trade and technical exchanges, will undoubtedly have stronger attraction for worldwide glass enterprises.

1. Active Countermeasures and Large Exhibition Scale

Now, the world has decreased its economic development, and economic difficulties and sluggish resurgence are prominent especially in the United States, Europe and Japan. Countries of the emerging economy are decelerating their economic growth. This will certainly exert an influence on the preparation of the forthcoming China Glass show, especially on inviting foreign companies. Since most of the overseas exhibitors will come from Europe, which has been suffering from European debt crises, it is much more difficult to have as more as possible European companies to come to the show compared with previous events. Some renowned companies that have long-term partnership with China Glass might be absent from the 2013 event due to slowdown of their domestic economy. Nevertheless, some more companies, which specialise in intensive glass processing, technical glass production and energy-saving technology and products, and are successful in quick structural transformation and industrial upgrading, express high enthusiasm to participate in China Glass 2013 and even ask for expanding their booths.

With grim international economic situation in the front, the organizer and contractor of China Glass 2013 are making efforts to present a more successful glass fair to their exhibitors. To vigorously respond to the complex situation, the organizers are taking active countermeasures and pursuing a policy of maintaining the present large exhibition scale while attaining the best possible results, so as to reverse the passive condition and gradually win initiative in the preparatory work of the show.

Until middle January, over 190 international companies have decided to attend the Beijing glass exhibition, coming from 29 countries, including Germany, Italy, the United States, Belgium, the UK, France, Australia, Japan, Korea, Canada, Russia and India, and so on. Spaian, Latvia, Mexico and UAE are the countries that have companies attending China Glass for the first time. As traditional partners of China Glass, the Italian, German and American exhibitors groups continue to have there state pavilions at the exhibition. The German pavilion has over 20 companies and its exhibition area is up to 600 sqm, of which 8-9 companies largely expanded their booths over the last show. The American exhibitors group has nearly 20 companies, and many Italian companies are ready to join their state pavilion in high spirit. At the same time, more than 550 Chinese companies have registered to come to this event and most of the booths for domestic exhibitors have been sold out.

Thanks to joint endeavours of the organizers and contractor, the total exhibition area is expected to be 80,000 sqm, equal to that of the last year, and attract about 800 exhibitors and over 30,000 professional visitors. In parallel with the exhibition, there will be a number of technical seminars and special workshops.

2. Leading Companies Coming with Enthusiasm One after Another

As a brand international glass exhibition, China Glass has already become the first choice for glass companies, both international and domestic, to demonstrate their technologies and products. The preparatory work of the exposition is now progressing smoothly in inviting overseas exhibitors, among which there are some transnational glass groups, such as Siemens, PPG,Asahi, Saint-Gobain, CNBM and Sinoma, etc., in addition to a large group of world famous glass companies, including Grenzebach, HORN, Glasstech, Fosbel, Henry F. Teichmann, Zippe, Sorg from Germany; Air Product, Toledo from the United States; Skisui, Shimadzu, Toyo, Ihara Furnace from Japan; Float Consultancy&Engineering, F.I.C., Stein, DSF from the UK; Vesuvius Zyarock, Air Liquede from France; Swedishi Gedevelop; Korean Kum Sung Diamond; Czech Glass and P-D Group; CNUD-EFCO, Biebuyck and Five Stein from Belgium; TaiFin, Glaston, Shanghai Precision from Finland; Lisec and RHI from Austria; Swiss Bystronic Glass and I-SCAN Robotics from Israel. Participation of so many high-rank companies and enterprises from worldwide glass circles fully manifests a distinct character of the times, high internationalization and high grade of China Glass Exhibition.

In the list of Chinese exhibitors can be fond the following glass manufacturers and enterprises: China Yaohua, China Triumph International Engineering, SYP Glass Group, Sinoma, Advanced Materials, Taiwan Glass Group, Jinjing Group, Xinyi Glass, China Glass Holding, Advanced Technology & Materials, China Shabo, China South Glass (CSG), China Aviation Sanxin Sol-Glass; China’s leading glass research and design institutes, including Qinhuangdao Glass Industry Research&Design Institute, Hangzhou Glass Design Institute; enterprises developing complementary machinery and equipment for glass production and manufacturers of various materials, modules, metallic fittings and tools, such as Ruitai Technology, Guangzhou Ling Nan Refractory, Innoceram (Suzhou). Besides, a large number of enterprises specializing in intensive glass-processing equipment and products will show up, including Guangdong IVACO, Qinhuangdao Yuntong Glass Mech-Electro, Zhejiang Dingbo, Luoyang Mingte, Guangdong Fushan, Luoyang North Glass,Suntech Machinery, Landglass Technology, Hangzhou Jinggong, Liaoning North Glass, Chengdu Guibao, Beijing Hanjiang Automatic Glass Machine Equipment, Zhongli Holding Group, Tenon (Beijing) Equipment, Weihai Blue Star, Zhongshan Dihua, Shenzhen Handong Glass Machinery, Shunde Golive, Shangxi Lihu, Handan Aode Decoration, Foshan Beijiang and Hehe Science and Tecnology, and so on. This glass exhibition attracts almost all leading glass-related manufactures and companies, ranging from production to intensive processing, thus providing a broad platform of technical exchanges and trade for glass communities from the world over. Besides glass manufacturers and companies, there will be numerous academic societies, industrial associations, commercial chambers, trading organizations and agents, educational, research and design institutes, IT industry and consulting and publishing departments and organizations.

Many companies booked large booths or notably extended their booths from the last event. The booths of Landglass Technology, Luoyang North Glass, Zhejiang Dingbo, Luoyang Mingte are larger than 600 sqm; Liaoning Lewei, Shunde Golive, Guangdong IVACO, Qinhuangdao Yuntong Glass Mech-Electro, Guangdong Fushan and China Shabo reserved booths as large as 400-500 sqm for each; some newcomers such as Hehe Science and Technology and Handan Aode Decoration each will have a booth of 176 sqm. Beijing Wuhuatianbao had a small booth of 18 sqm in 2012, but they decided to enlarge their booth to 150 sqm this year.

3. Glass Exposition Highlighted by Contemporary Modern Technologies and Products

China Glass 2013 will display diverse up-to-date glass technologies, products and equipment, involving a wide spectrum of fields: production, processing technologies and application of flat glass, float glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, curtain wall glass, domestic glass, glass fibre, architectural glass, decoration glass, solar glass, electronic and lighting source glass; new technologies and products of energy conservation and emission reduction; testing, measuring and controlling technology and equipment; technology and equipment for silk-screen printing; automation techniques and robots; combustion technique and equipment and refractory, as well as raw materials and accessory materials. Low-carbon economy and new energy techniques are expected to draw great attention at the show. The following are among the modern products and technologies demonstrated at the glass exhibition.

Luoyang-based Landglass Technology possesses forced convection tempering technology that takes a leading position in the world. Jinjing Group focuses on manufacturing and processing high-quality clear float glass, substrate of automotive glass, ultra-clear float glass and on-line coated glass with a thickness from 2 to 25 mm. They have strategic co-operation with PPG from the United States to produce the most advanced energy-saving glass products, three-silver low-E glass, etc. Guangdong Fushan developed a new-type laminated glass production line and forced convection tempering furnaces in co-operation with German experts, as well as edging machines for outside-view mirrors of vehicles applicable specially to automotive markets. They expect to extend the influence of these technologies through this glass show. China Triumph is marching towards Japan’s markets of photovoltaic power stations and completed a production line of photovoltaic glass sand, the largest one in China. Shanghai-based YHP Glass Group will showcase multifarious high-quality glass products, including on-line and off-line low-E coated glass, energy-saving insulating glass, TCO glass for thin film solar cells and high-end automotive glass substrates. China Aviation Sanxing designed and successfully developed the first production line in the world for on-line low-E ultra-white ultra-thick and ultra-large coated glass, capable of producing glass as thick as 15 mm. China Shabo Group, as a key glass enterprise in China’s glass industry, is equipped with 25 world-class float glass production lines and will showcase their technology for producing diverse 1-19 mm-thick float glass. Polytron Technologies will announce their PolyDigitTMLED transparent display glass. Advanced glass machinery manufactured by Luoyang Mingte will be shown, including various models of flat tempering furnaces, flat/bent tempering furnaces, double curvature tempering furnaces, flat/bent laminating lines, automotive glass laminating lines, top-grade mirror silvering lines and CNC glass cutting machines.

More up-to-date exhibits found at the glass show include the SIL system of France Sarl Vertech Company; SWISSPACER®’s warm edge spacer bars for insulating glass; glass melting-furnace engineering technology developed by HORN Glass Industries AG; technology of new control system and Grenzebach stacker 2012 of Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH; super-sized glass tempering machines and windscreen bending technology developed by Glassrobots Oy from Finland; silicone sealant and its manufacturing technique of Chengdu Guibao; top-grade float glass, automotive glass, photovoltaic glass, glass fibre, container glass manufactured by Taiwan Glass Group; mature core technique and equipment for low-E glass production of Nanjing Yutian; energy-saving glass and energy-saving doors and windows produced by Zhejiang Zhongli Holding, and so on.

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