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The Five Reasons For Fluctuations in Prices of World Glass Machinery

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There are many sectors influencing the price of glass machinery which are not only limited on the development situation of the up and sown- stream of glass industry, but also impacted by national macro-economy.  For instance, the transformation of industrial focus, the processing factories transition from plain glass processing to glass machinery and the global economic bubbles. For example, the great economic depression of 2008, global economy had great impacted. The glass machinery industry could not escape, too. The price declined; the sale dropped. But the nation lunched a series of policies to support it; the glass industry had come back to life soon.
l   enterprise reason
The core competitiveness of the company decides the company’s destiny. The core competiveness can be divided to parts, tangible resources and intangible resources. The former refers to quantification property, such as capital, equipment, including financial resource, physical resources, organization resource and human resource. The later refers to enterprise history, such as innovation ability, reputation, and trade secret. To combine human resource, technology system, management system, information system and corporate vale, the company is of its core competitiveness.
l   Steel cost
The cost also names operating cost. The product cost is one of the main sectors determined the product price which often includes production cost, sale cost, stock cost, and labor cost. Companies usually choose to add production to low the price. In other worlds, the high cost prices will prevent the sale price down.
l   Market environment

Market has played a decisive role on the development of enterprise. Only the products open the market, the enterprises survive. When the oversupply, the manufacturers would have a price battle which leads the price down; when the demand surpasses supply, the price would rise.
l   National policy
The policy includes relevant policies and laws and regulations, such as Taxation law, monetary policy, fiscal policy, interest rate policy, exchange rate policy and so on. If the nation reduces the input of the currency and adds the tax income, the price may decline following. Besides, the exchange-rate policy also impact on the price.
l   Mental sectors
The manufacturer may influence by the other sectors and make the wrong decision which also will influence the price.

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